About Us

GEMS is an independent organization of organizations with the following big vision: 

Equity for all women in academic medicine and science, that will drive equity in healthcare for all.

We will use our collective power to align and advance initiatives to achieve our vision.

Mission: Catalyzing alignment, collaboration, and innovative approaches so that all women achieve their full potential in advancing medicine and science.

In particular, this organization of organizations focuses on gaps known to impede attainment of gender equity in academic medicine and science:

  1. Inadequate numbers of historically excluded women admitted to medical school
  2. Inadequate numbers of women entering male-dominated professions and historically non-gender friendly fields
  3. Inadequate numbers of women ascending to significant leadership roles where the policies, resources (including pay), and strategic directions are set and barriers to equitable advancement are overcome
  4. Lack of flexible, targeted, and accessible support for women who bear the additional burden of caregiving during their careers, from students to mid-career women

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