Gender Imbalance in Medical Specialties

Women computer programmers (early coders) made major contributions in the early 20th century and this was considered low-status work like switchboard operation; however, now the predominant gender of computer programmers and software developers is male (high-paying/high-status roles). Once an all-male occupation receives a large influx of women, the occupation often becomes virtually all-female, and this process rarely reverses. Common examples of occupations that have switched from being predominantly male to predominantly female include bank tellers, secretaries, teachers, and sales positions. In medicine, as women have entered the profession, they have been encouraged to pursue and have gravitated toward specific specialties and career paths (i.e. pediatrics). The relative prestige and compensation of these fields (compared with all physician salaries) have decreased, which is consistent with the phenomena of ...

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GEMS Alliance Launch 2022

The GEMS Alliance officially launched on the fourth annual National Women Physician Day, February 3, 2022, through a Kick-Off webinar celebrating this new organization of organizations. The event began with a rendition of “Brave” by Voices Rock Medicine, a choir for women physicians based in the Greater Toronto Area, followed by welcome remarks from the Chair of the GEMS Alliance Executive Board, Jenny Mladenovic, MD, MBA, MACP. Presentations The program then featured four presentations from the following women leaders in medicine and science: Rachel Villanueva, MD, FACOG “At the Intersection of Race and Gender in Medical School: Increasing Underrepresented in Medicine Women" Helen Burstin, MD, MPH, MACP “Increasing Representation and Leadership of Women Across Specialties” ...

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